The Prodege network is comprised of over 100 Million registered members who earn cash and gift cards for shopping at their favorite stores both in-store and online. Our next-generation approach to retail offers shopping solutions for marketers, strengthened by powerful insights, giving you access to the Who, What & Why.

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How Does it Work?

Our audience of engaged consumers is intersected on the Path to Purchase with a compelling CPG offer. After uploading and verifying their receipt, they are rewarded for their purchase. This unique approach drives volume on demand without discounting or couponing your product and encouraging brand adoption.

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Prodege Network Difference

Create Awareness and Drive Intent Along the Path to Purchase with Shoply.

Amplification Engage with a Unique Audience of Consumers

6M+ Social Followers5M+ Monthly ImpressionsMembers Onsite 30x Longer

Conversion Sales Throughout the Entire Purchase Funnel

Drive Volume Sales on Demand in Any Channel: In-Store, eCommerce, Online GroceryMillions of Unique Products Purchased in 2018

Results Incomparable Scale Resulting in Units Moved

Measure Your Campaign Success via: 1st Time Purchasers, Sales Lift & Shift ShareIncrease of Basket Size & Units Sold

Comprehension Learn the Why Behind the Purchase

Real Time Insights and AnalyticsLarge Scale Data Access
Tell Us What's Important: Customize Questions that Matter to your Brand.


Annual Shopping GMV in 2018


Total Program Members


Largest U.S. Digital Rewards Site


Lifetime Gift Card Rewards Distributed

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Prodege’s Networks access allows CPG advertisers, brands and marketers to meet growth and revenue goals through our engaged audience of registered users.

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